We are hiring!

So What Else is currently recruiting for instructors to lead our after-school programming for our Winter, Spring and Summer programming.

Our classes range from service learning, health and wellness, sports and recreation to arts and STEM. However if you are skilled in a specific area that you wold like to teach youth about, we welcome creativity and will work with you to build a quality 10 to 12 week program.

Our program sites are located throughout the Montgomery County, PG County, DC and MD communities We currently have Lead Youth Provider openings at Langley Elementary School in North East DC as well as multiple opportunities in Baltimore City.

Qualifications include: Experience working with youth, must pass background check, outgoing, flexible and positive.

Please email our Director of Programs Rachael Eichner at raeeichner@gmail.com to inquire.

Herson Bash for Charity!

Please join us for Mike Herson’s Birthday Party that benefits So What Else! A portion of the bar/table sales will be donated straight to us to help fund our free programming for under-served communities. Please RSVP via Facebook for free entry before midnight.

Date: Friday, November 21st, 2014

Time: 10:00 pm to 3:00 am  

Location: The Huxley DC – 1730 M St NW, Washington DC 20036

Here is a note from Mike!

I am excited to welcome you back to the 8th Annual #HersonBash . What started as a random birthday party has turned into a party that also gives back to a local charity.

The annual party will be at “The Huxley”, which is by far the most beautiful club in Washington DC and right off of the Farragut North red line stop. Valet parking is also available.

Since last year was incredibly crowded, I upgraded and reserved the entire main lounge room to house the party. One of my best friends “DJ LION L” is once again rocking the DJ booth. He plays top 40, house, hip/hop, & EDM so get your dancing pants on.

I have arranged that entry to the club will be 100% FREE UNTIL MIDNIGHT as long as you click attending on this event. This is the most exclusive venue in DC so it’s required that you and your guests actually RSVP. If you want to bring your friends, invite them using the event page or write +1 on the wall.

Now for the most important part:

So What Else will be the first ever charitable foundation involved with #HersonBash . Not only will we have an amazing night, but we will be giving back to the local community as well. A portion of the main room bar tab and all table sales will be directed to So What Else. Additionally, a cover charge is not required, but any cover you decide to pay will go to the charity. Check out www.SoWhatElse.org to learn about the Charitable Foundation.

A limited amount of tables are available. The cost is $600 and includes two bottles of Belvedere Vodka and one bottle of Champagne.

Guys must wear collard types of shirts and leather dress shoes. Women, be beautiful. Mature and respectful audiences only.

Program of the Month: Green Club / Environmental Sustainability

Location: Roberto Clemente Middle School
When: Every Wednesdsay, 3:15 to 5:15
Taught by The Harvest Collective – Jayne Matt and Davey Rogner

Through outdoor education, research and experienced environmental educators this program aspires to teach and motivate students, early on, to become socially and environmentally conscious beings. Students are able to learn in a hands-on setting about the environmental issues taking place in our world today and how it affects their lives. The classes are designed to teach students not only the importance of living sustainable, but also HOW they can do this as an individual and as a group. This program introduces students to alternative environmental topics and projects that create a sense of civic responsibility and awareness. Youth are able to gain a heightened interconnectedness with nature and are thus empowered to make sustainable change in their school or community center and their own lives.

This program will allow students to gain a greater connection to our earth and planet and thus a greater connection to their community. Throughout the semester students engage in environmental community service which gives youth a sense of purpose as well as a positive view of their future. Lessons are scientifically based giving students a deeper educational understanding of what is going on in our environment and why.

Program of the Month: Taste and Move

Taste and Move is the center program around So What Else’s mission to create a healthier lifestyle for our youth.

This program kicked off in 2013 at just 2 sites and has grown to being implemented in 4 schools and 1 community center per week. Our healthy living program is designed to introduce and encourage kids to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. The program combines hands on cooking lessons, nutrition lessons, fun fitness activities and gardening lessons to engage students in new and fun ways to stay healthy.

The program’s mission is to teach kids that food is fuel and health is happiness. In our program students explore the concepts of organic foods, local and seasonal foods, sustainable eating and GMOs. By encouraging kids to grow their own food and eat healthy we are empowering them to take control of their health at an early age. Our program strives to make healthy living fun and interesting instead of a chore or burden, encouraging children to care for their health and well being.

After a long day of school our program re-energizes students and encourages kids to stay active. Through group cooking lessons youth are able to gain teamwork and leadership skills and they are given the chance to develop new relationships with their peers. Learning about growing your own food creates self-efficacy and empowerment in youth. Students gain a sense of pride in providing for themselves and feel more in control over their lives. Trying new foods and learning new accessible snack recipes encourages kids to eat more LIVE foods full of nutrition and less processed foods with no nutrition. The physical activity students take part in during the program gets them moving and encourages them to keep moving after school instead of sitting in front of the TV.

The programs ultimate mission is to combat childhood obesity and prevent diabetes and disease at an early age. All the ingredients used in our program are organic and nutritious. Students are able to eat what they cook in the program thus providing them with a nutritious snack after school. This helps students focus when they go home and have to study and work on homework.

Our  goal is to expand this program to 2 new additional sites in the Spring of 2015. To help us reach our goal please donate! We cannot reach more students without your help.