Bright Beginnings

Dear Friends,

On behalf of all of us at Bright Beginnings, I am writing to thank So What Else for your $150 gift, which has a significant impact on the lives of homeless infants, toddlers and preschoolers and their parents. Because of your investment, Bright Beginnings is able to transform lives by increasing the odds that homeless children will be successful in kindergarten and every future classroom and spurring their parents’ hope and the stability that create a better environment for them to learn and grow.

Both our current Perry School Center and our plans to build a second center East of the River are a key part of our strategy to help as many homeless children as possible prepare for kindergarten learning program significantly narrows the gap in school readiness and subsequent academic success between homeless children and their more affluent peers. As a result, our children are better prepared for kindergarten, experience better physical and mental health, and enjoy increased self-esteem and achievement.

Homeless children and their families are facing a difficult economic environment and a social services network that is near the breaking point. Now, more than ever, these families need a safe and nurturing environment like Bright Beginnings. We are serving single mothers, single fathers, and 2-parent families with previously stable work and housing histories that have never been homeless before. Our comprehensive services help homeless families put their lives back together while their children prepare for kindergarten in a safe, stable environment where there is a routine, compassionate care, social serves and stimulating educational

Thank you again for supporting the comprehensive, child-centered and family-oriented approach that ensures a bright beginning for homeless children and their families. We hope you will visit us soon!


Dr. Betty Jo Gaines
Executive Director

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS Of Greater Washington

Of Greater Washington
Silver Spring Branch

I always say that volunteers, whom aid our mission, are the life blood of our organization. Without these, we would not be able to run our programming in an exceptional way. If community support is our life blood, then So What Else, Inc. is our Red Cross. The team at So What Else regularly brings our members upbeat, professional, and creative volunteers. Rachel and others tutor in our homework areas. Dave Silbert teaches our middle school members about staying fit and healthy in our FitU Program, which combats childhood obesity. Dave is a well respected role model for healthy living. Dave also has provided expertise in our sports programming. So What Else, Inc is a proud sponsor for our teen basketball team. A dream that couldn’t be realized without the support of So what Else, Inc. Robert, Dave, and So What Else provides coaching, skill-building, and need-based scholarships for our players and their families. So What Else put on a successful Fall Festival at our Club this year, which invigorated our community and help spread the cause of service=learning in our neighborhood.

So What Else, Inc has been a cornerstone of support for our programs here at the Silver Spring Branch Boys & Girls Club. They help us serve our 100 daily youth over the past year. When it comes to coming together with community organizations to better serve our members, So What Else, Inc is the model for successful partnerships. Their time, energy and support have been critical to our successes this year and we can not thank them enough for all that they do in the service of youth.

Patrick M. Leonard
Athletic Director
Silver Spring Boys & Girls Club