So What Else Curriculum

The following curriculum are outlines of the lessons and themes touched on in our various camps and projects involving youth.

Youth Empowerment Series

Youth Empowerment Series is designed to encourage youth to live a more socially conscious lifestyle and be more civically engaged, this program touches on worldwide and local issues.

Environmental SWE

An assortment of programs and ideas to help your community thrive by incorporating eco-friendly life choices.

Nutrition 101

Information concerning the quality of food you eat and how to make healthy choices.

Summer’s Bounty

Learn about the benefits of organic produce and locally grown foods thanks to small farmers.

Service Learning Stewardship Program

Project is centered on 2 projects. The first project the students pick a local charity to raise money for. Through a Ledo’s Pizza fundraiser, money will be raised and matched by So What Else, to donate to local charity. The 2nd project is called the Big Idea. Students form a mini non-profit of their own to improve an issue either globally or community focused.