High-Seas Adventure Camp

So What Else’s High-Seas Adventure Camp at the Silver Spring Boys and Girls Club set sail on July 16th and anchored on the 20th.

Monday was an exciting first day of the children’s journey. The kids started the day by designing their own passports. Two professional cooks from @Young Chefs provided professional equipment and recipes for the children to make international foods such as guacamole and tropical smoothies. After lunch, they went on a rainforest scavenger hunt led by @Samantha Ross around the camp grounds as they searched for hidden toy critters. Afterwards, the younger kids cooled off with water balloons in a fun team-building exercise while the older kids had a Knockout and Foosball Tournament.

The next day began with the premiere of So What Else’s new curriculum Healthy Living which was supplemented by the children’s original smoothies. The younger kids were taught Service Learning by @Bob Schless, making over 50 sandwiches for the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless. After lunch, baseball Coach @Doug Remer taught baseball and held a Kickball and Bocce ball Olympics, with the children choosing different countries to represent.

On Wednesday July 18th, there were four major stations of activity that groups of children transitioned through. @Tracy Lewis held an animated Improvisation class that touched on matters such as conflict and resolution. @David Ross taught golf with professional clubs and balls donated generously by the CEO of the US Kids Golf Foundation. @Brent handled STEM subjects, leading a station where kids created miniature models of the components of blood, enjoyed a hands-on solar cooking lesson where they made S’mores, and created volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar. The final station was a Service Learning lesson with a Trash to Treasure activity led by @Rachael Eichner. Children took commonly disposed items and rejuvenated them into useful household items such as birdfeeders. After lunch, the groups continued to alternate among these activities then finished the day with yoga and various sports games.

Friday was the last day at the High Seas for So What Else campers. The morning was filled with football before the child transitioned into their favorite activity: making personalized, healthy smoothies. Afterwards, @Nourish Now, a partner organization of So What Else, provided a robust lunch for everybody. In reflection of their week of adventures, the children filled in their passports with all the different locations they “traveled” to and their respective activities led by David Silbert. And lastly Robbie Stiefel taught guitar and led a sing-a-long recapping the weeks events.

Overall it was a phenomenal camp and we succeeded in exposing these vibrant children to so many activities all across the spectrum of fitness, service, science and the arts.

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