LearnServe International

So What Else and LearnServe International furthered our partnership on Thursday, May 3 rd at the School without Walls in Washington, DC. As the 2012 LearnServe Fellows finished out their year of creative community initiatives, we presented them with some opportunities to remain crucially engaged through So What Else.

We introduced So What Else and spoke about some of the concrete collaboration ideas that we have been discussing such as: LearnServe Fellows offering their programs to So What Else Partners, such as the Boys & Girls Club, Schools and Kingman Boys & Girls Club. We also discussed LearnServe looping up with various So What Else service projects for the next school year. Our overall goals of the collaboration are for LearnServe to support our organization in providing opportunities for at-risk youth in the DC area and SWE supporting LearnServe through volunteering and opening up new opportunities and connections for the LearnServe students.

Thank you to LearnServe for providing So What Else such a wonderful opportunity!

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