The Mission Of So What Else

So What Else is a grassroots humanitarian organization whose mission it is to enhance the lives of at-risk youth in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Community. 

Our organization and its devoted volunteers are passionate about providing guidance and mentoring to our community’s young people in the areas of community service, citizenship, education, GREEN initiatives, health and fitness.  In addition to youth empowerment, we serve as a resource and service link to other organizations and agencies aiding our community.

  • We provide extracurricular services to youth in need
  • We promote volunteerism and provide resources and services to other organizations aiding our community
  • We mobilize the youth we serve to volunteer and give back to our community

SWE Mission Priorities:

  • Education – STEM, Literacy, Arts and Culture, Tutoring, Homework Help
  • Citizenship and Community Service– Pay Forward, Life Skills (conflict management, respect for self and others, etiquette, mentoring, etc.)
  • Health and Fitness – Recreation, Sports, Nutrition
  • Green Initiatives – Recycling, Solar Energy, Renewable and Sustainable Planetary Resources
  • Partnerships – Build Collaborative Relationships with Organizations Focusing on At-Risk Communities to Leverage Service Offerings
“Service Is The Powerful Catalyst In The Cycle Of Humanity.”