Silver Spring Boys and Girls Club Small Grants Project

On July 11th, So What Else visited the Silver Spring Boys and Girls Club to introduce our new Small Grants Project, a service-learning program spanning eight weeks that is broken into a “Big Idea” project and a shorter-term project.

In the smaller project, groups of kids will research charities and nonprofits in order to find a singular cause to advocate for and present to the rest of the group. After selecting the winning cause, the kids will organize a fundraiser to make a donation on August 8th, four weeks into this program. The Big Idea or long-term project consists of the children creating their own community initiative or non-profit service event. The winning group’s project will be funded and carried out through a grant by So What Else.

The first day of this project was a success! The majority of our time together was spent discussing the different causes, both locally and nationally, that necessitate the help of others. Issues such as hunger, poverty, diseases and disabilities were discussed. Every student found an issue that affected them.

Primarily, this project works to educate the youth in community service. Yet through this project, So What Else aims to additionally build the youths’ familiarity with local non-profits, animate them to stay involved, and teach that people of any age can make a difference in the community.

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